Monday, May 28, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 Matchday 13

After another action-packed and goal-filled J1 Matchday, I called on Barry Valder of the excellent Shimizu S-Pulse UK Ultras blog to get his thoughts on Shimizu's game against Yokohama (ironically, the only game without any goals on this Matchday!), the rest of the slate of games, and also Japan's friendly win over Azerbaijan, which Barry watched live at the Ecopa Stadium in Shizuoka.

#Unfortunately, our skype connection wasn't fantastic, and there was quite a lot of interference from Barry's end (no one's fault, just what happens from time to time on skype), but I've edited as much of it out as I could, and hopefully it won't detract too much from your listening experience.#

This 51 minute podcast runs in three parts:
  • Part 1: National Team - A review of the Japan v Azerbaijan game, a look at the Japan squad for the three upcoming World Cup qualifiers, and an (already out-of-date, following their 3-2 loss to Egypt this morning) update on the Under 23 squad in the Toulon tournament. (to 13:15)
  • Part 2: J1 Matchday 13 - A full review of all games (to 44:00)
  • Part 3: J2 Matchday 16 plus a few odds and ends (to end)

Listen on the player above or download the mp3 by clicking on the J-Talk logo (you'll be redirected to the file host). For iTunes subscribers, we hope to have this episode available by tonight (Monday), but please be patient.

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