Monday, October 22, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 Matchday 29

After a week off to recharge battieries, spend time with the wife etc., The J-Talk Podcast is back with a bang with this 70-minute, 3-part podcast with Angus MacLeod of You can follow Angus on twitter here.

We had a lot to things from the last two weeks to cover, before diving in to all the happenings from another highly eventful J.League weekend.

Part 1  (to 23:50) - After a brief getting-to-know-you chat with Angus, all of the major happenings in Japanese football in the last fortnight: Emperor's Cup 3rd Round (to 9:18); Nabisco Cup semi final 2nd legs (to 12:00); J2 Matchday 38 (to 17:26) & Japan's two friendlies against France & Brazil (to 23:50).

Part 2  (to 60:05) - A full review of J1 Matchday 29: Games involving the Top Four (to 35:34); The #RelegationDogfight (to 50:53); other results from the matchday (to 58:45) and a quick look ahead to Matchday 30 (to 60:05).

Part 3  (to end - 70:28) - A look at J2 Matchday 39 paying speciall attention to Kofu's title, the race for the playoffs and the #J2RelegationDogfight (to end - 70:28).

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