Monday, February 18, 2013

The J-Talk Podcast - 2013 J1 Preview Episode 1

Welcome back to The J-Talk Podcast for 2013!

On Saturday night I met up with Sean Carroll, Angus MacLeod, Jon Steele and Steve Barme for a special roundtable get-together, and with so much to talk about what began as an hour-long chat on J1 and J2 turned into almost three hours, with us only getting to the end of the top flight teams!

This podcast, then, is Episode 1 of our J1 Season Preview, as we run the rule over 2012's top six.

After an initial 10 minutes or so catching up, we then went round the table to find out who our guests think are the best dark horse candidates to make a leap up the table in the new season. Following on from that we go team-by-team, some in more detail than others.

Hiroshima, Sendai, Urawa, Yokohama, Tosu and Kashiwa are all put under the microscope in this first episode, which has already been uploaded to iTunes.

Later in the week in Episode 2 the other 12 J1 clubs will be previewed, while Jon and I will record a seperate J2 Season Preview Episode, that will also review this Saturday's Super Cup, which will be available next week.

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  1. Missed you, mate!! Having a listen now . . . :0)
    (Anonymous is all I seem to be able to post as :-) )
    Alan Gibson, JSoccer Magazine