Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The J-Talk Podcast - 2013 J1 Matchday 1

A 46 minute podcast with Alan Gibson of JSoccer Magazine, recapping the opening weekend of the 2013 J.League season.

After a brief review of the ACL games played last midweek, Alan & I run through all of the games in J1 Matchday 1 (to 25:45)

In Part 2 we round-up the big results from J2 Matchday 1, before finishing with a quick look at a couple of Japanese players in Europe, and Alan tells us about Issue 7 of the magazine.

This episode has been uploaded to iTunes. If you're new to the pod this season, you can stream on the player above, download the mp3 for yourself by clicking on the J-Talk logo over there on the left (you'll be redirected to the file host, archive.org), or subscribe on iTunes.


  1. Alan can't be heard. At least I can't.

  2. Hello Anonymous, Not sure what I can do about this for you, as I've just tried streaming the podcast again and I can hear both of us.

  3. Finally caught up with the previews and the first matchday podcasts. It's great to see the show back and in good form!

    I have to say I heard both you and Alan but I also converted the file to mono (as opposed to stereo) before listening to it.

    Oh, one more thing. I stumbled upon what seems to be a Vegalta Sendai documentary in the works:
    I didn't back the project or anything but I thought it might be of interest to the listeners.


  4. Hey Ben, seeing as your blog seems to be gathering unwanted attention from spammer bots, maybe you should change the comments settings to only allow publication after approval.

  5. Hiya Lav!tz,
    Great idea, I've just done that and now comments will need my approval.
    I've wondered about converting files to mono, and I can't seem to do it in Audacity when I'm editing, is it easy enough to do once I've exported the mp3?
    Cheers and thanks for your comments,

  6. Hey Ben,
    To change the file to mono audio I used Format Factory but only because the PC I was on at the time did not have Audacity.

    Now with Audacity, when you already have a single mp3 file with your show, you can load it to the program, select the audio track and choose to "Split to Mono". When you export it to mp3 (check "Joint Stereo" in the options), it will have both voices on both speakers. But that is just at the top of my head, there are probably alternatives.

    Oh, if I remember correctly (I haven't edited a podcast in a while), you can probably do the same during your first editing of the audio files. Unfortunately I don't recall the specifics but I think it can be done.

    Good luck, mate.