Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 Matchday 7 & J2 Wrap

A 63 minute, two-part podcast with Steve Barme and Jon Steele, covering everything happening in both J1 & J2.

In Part 1 (to 36:50) Steve and I discuss Omiya's win in the Saitama Derby against Urawa, The Squirrels' record unbeaten streak, and the rest of the games in a fascinating Matchday 7.

Then in Part 2 Jon and I cover the main results in J2 Matchdays 9 & 10, and discuss the state of the second tier 10 games into their 42 game marathon.

Listen on the player above, or download the mp3 by clicking on the J-Talk logo on the left. This episode has been uploaded to iTunes.

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