Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The J-Talk Podcast - Japan & World Cup Special

#Some audio quality issues in Part 1#

This week's J-Talk is a 53 minute podcast with guests Shintaro Kano and Scott McIntyre.

In Part 1 (to 24:35) Shintaro, direct from Brazil, rounds up Japan's Confederations Cup campaign, and fills us in on his experiences in Brazil. As mentioned above, due to a shoddy skype connection between Japan and Brazil, I'm aware of some problems with the quality of the audio in this part of the podcast.

In Part 2 (to 48:55) Scott and I, while going off on numerous tangents along the way, discuss the end of the 4th round of Asian World Cup qualifying, as well as the first legs of the Nabisco Cup quarter finals, and then in a brief Part 3 (to end, 53:03) I bring you the ACL quarter final draw and a J2 update.

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