Thursday, September 12, 2013

J1 - The Last 10

As an accompaniment to the new episode of J-Talk coming later today (Thursday), here is an (admittedly dry) look at the final ten fixtures of the 2013 J1 Season for the top six and the bottom five:

The Top Six

1. Yokohama 47pts 5 Home, 5 Away - play 2 of top 6 / 3 of bottom 5
Cerezo H, Shimizu H, Sendai A, Kofu A, Hiroshima H, Oita A, Nagoya H, Iwata A, Niigata H, Kawasaki A

2. Urawa 46pts 5H 5A - 3 of top 6 / 3 of bottom 5
FC Tokyo A, Kofu H, Shonan A, Omiya H, Kashima A, Kashiwa H, Sendai A, Kawasaki H, Tosu A, Cerezo H

3. Hiroshima 44pts 4H 6A - 3 of top 6 / 2 of bottom 5
Kawasaki A, Niigata H, Tosu A, Shimizu H, Yokohama A, Sendai H, Kashiwa A, Cerezo A, Shonan H, Kashima A

4. Kashima 41pts 5H 5A - 3 of top 6 / all of bottom 5, 3 in a row from Matchday 25
Kofu A, Iwata A, Oita H, FC Tokyo A, Urawa H, Kawasaki H, Shonan A, Tosu H, Cerezo A, Hiroshima H

5. Cerezo 39pts 5H 5A - 4 of top 6 / 4 of bottom 5, all in a row Matchday 27-30
Yokohama A, Kashiwa H, Iwata H, Oita A, Shonan H, Tosu A, FC Tokyo A, Hiroshima H, Kashima H, Urawa A

6. Omiya 39pts 5H 5A - 1 of top 6 / 4 of bottom 5 (3 at home) all in last 6
Niigata A, Sendai H, FC Tokyo H, Urawa A, Oita H, Nagoya A, Kofu H, Shimizu A, Iwata H, Shonan A


The Bottom Five

Of note: Kobe were nine points outside the relegation zone with ten to play in 2012 and were relegated in 16th.

14. Tosu 27pts 5H 5A - 3 of bottom 5 / 4 of top 6
Shonan H, Kawasaki A, Hiroshima H, Niigata A, Shimizu A, Cerezo H, Iwata H, Kashima A, Urawa H, Kofu A

15. Kofu 25pts 5H 5A - 2 of bottom 5, both home in last 3 / 4 of top 6
Kashima H, Urawa A, Shimizu A, Yokohama H, Kashiwa A, FC Tokyo H, Omiya A, Oita H, Nagoya A, Tosu H

16. Shonan 20pts 4H 6A - 2 of bottom 5, next 2 / 4 of top 6
Tosu A, Oita A, Urawa H, Nagoya H, Cerezo A, Niigata A, Kashima H, FC Tokyo A, Hiroshima A, Omiya H

17. Iwata 16pts 5H 5A - 2 of bottom 5 / 4 of top 6
Kashiwa A (Fri), Kashima H, Cerezo A, Sendai H, Kawasaki A, Shimizu H, Tosu A, Yokohama H, Omiya A, Oita H

18. Oita 10pts 5H 5A - 3 of bottom 5 / 4 of top 6
Sendai A, Shonan H, Kashima A, Cerezo H, Omiya A, Yokohama H, Niigata H, Kofu A, Kawasaki H, Iwata A

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