Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Episode 91 - 2014 J1 Matchday 3

The new episode of J-Talk is a frankly fantastic 68 minutes with Cesare Polenghi, Sean Carroll and Jon Steele.

Part 1 features Cesare on Hiroshima 0-2 Urawa and the fallout from the Urawa racism scandal (to 25:00), Sean on Yokohama 3-0 Tokushima and his thoughts on the punishment meted out to Urawa (to 39:00) and me on the other J1 Matchday 3 games and upcoming fixtures in the ACL, Nabisco Cup and Matchday 4 (to 43:45).

Part 2 with Jon covers J2 Matchday 3 (to 54:45) and J3 Matchday 2.

Stream this episode, which is also available on iTunes and the iPP Podcast Player, on the player above or download the mp3 from archive.org by clicking on the J-Talk logo on the left.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ben,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the show again. Having been listening since it began, it keeps on being enjoyable week after week and I do believe it is getting better and better, so thank you and everyone involved with the project.

    Listening to Cesare talk about the hate on the stands in many of Europe's leagues, I was reminded why I pretty much stopped following football over here in the Old Continent. A little teasing comes with the territory, for sure, but at times the environment is just plain toxic and, for me, it was just not fun anymore.
    That is one of the reasons I feel so reinvigorated while following the J.League. As it stands, it is passionate, unpredictable and just plain fun. Here's to hoping it remains that way and that actions like those of the banner keep on being rare sightings.