Thursday, November 6, 2014

Episode 123 - 2014 J1 Matchday 31

Barry Valder, Cesare Polenghi and Stuart Smith guest on this bumper podcast full to the brim with Japanese football goodness.

Part 1 - Barry discusses Shimizu's stunning (I use that word a lot) win over Kawasaki and the rest of the #RelegationDogfight (to 19:05).
Part 2 - Cesare covers the top of the table (to 43:50), previews the Nabisco Cup final (to 50:10) and reacts with some bewilderment to the Japan squad for the friendlies against Honduras and Australia (to 1:01:10)
Part 3 - Stuart and I throw a promotion party for Matsumoto (there's cake!), discuss the J2 playoffs picture (to 1:17:00) and finish the episode with a J3 round-up.

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