Monday, March 2, 2015

Episode 132 - 2015 J1 Season Preview

Sean Carroll and Angus MacLeod guested on the J1 Season Preview episode of the podcast. With so much to get to, this episode is also divided into four, easily digestible, parts:

Part 1 (to 27:45) - The Super Cup, ACL Matchday 1 and Two-Stage discussion;
Part 2 (to 46:45) - Our look at the prospects for 2014's top six;
Part 3 (to 1:08:55) - The teams who finished 7th through 15th in 2014; and
Part 4 (to end - 1:29:35) - The three promoted teams and the Matchday 1 fixtures.

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This episode is also available on iTunes.

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