Thursday, March 8, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - Pilot Episode

Welcome to The J-Talk Podcast, your weekly (we hope) review of all the goings-on in Japanese football. Our primary focus will be on the J.League, but we also intend to provide coverage on the national teams and on Japanese players in Europe.

For this, the pilot episode, I called on Daily Yomiuri, Weekly Soccer Magazine and J.League website football writer Sean Carroll to get his thoughts on the upcoming J.League season.

Timed to coincide with the release of Sean's season preview in the Yomiuri, which you can find here, our interview covered almost exactly an hour and the bulk of it features Sean's thoughts on what storylines will shape the agenda in 2012, his tips for the top four and relegation, and teams who have strengthened their squads the most in the offseason. Towards the end (from the 46:30 mark) we discussed how the four Japanese clubs competing in the Asian Champions League fared in Matchday 1, as well as a general chat about the pros and cons of the ACL.

You can listen on the blog through the player above, via iTunes (search "The J-Talk Podcast" to subscribe) or download the mp3 yourself by clicking on the J-Talk logo on the left.


  1. Really enjoyed that, cheers, though you did start worrying me with the side-by-side mentions of 'Omiya' and 'top-half'.
    Much more of that and we'll be doomed.

  2. Good first episode, hope there's more to come, and a welcome addition to the burgeoning English language representation of J League to the world. I'd love to see it become more of a show with regular, snappy features rather than just long interviews, from what Sean says near the end I think he was expecting some editing, however I guess there were time constraints on that. I'm sure you've got lots of good ideas to develop this. Looking forward to the next podcast and don't be afraid to show your bias, I wouldn't want this to become too dry. Steve.

  3. Sounded good! You are quickly becoming the pod king!