Monday, March 12, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 Matchday 1

The 2012 J1 season kicked-off last weekend and Alan Gibson of JSoccer Magazine and was my guest as we ran through all the results from a fascinating Matchday 1.

Before discussing all of that though, we had a trip down memory lane as Alan recalled his experience of being at the very first J.League game in 1993, while we also discussed how the league has evolved, and what the future might hold with the possibile creation of a 'J3' in the years to come.

Towards the end we also briefly touched on the draw for the final round of Asian qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, while you won't want to miss the story of when Alan, Michi Yasuda and 'Lionel Richie' went to a Lady Gaga concert. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but no, it really happened!

The podcast is a tick over 47 minutes, and as with the pilot episode, you can listen on the player above, download the mp3 by clicking on the J-Talk logo to the left, or wait for it on iTunes (search "The J-Talk Podcast" to subscribe), we hope to have it up on there by later tonight (Monday).

P.S. Thanks for all your feedback on the pilot episode, we hope to add theme music and linking jingles in the weeks to come, but for now please bear with us, we are a work in progress!

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