Monday, April 2, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 Matchday 4

All of the games from Matchday 4 of the 2012 J1 Season took place on Saturday, and joining me to run through the results and talking points from another interesting set of fixtures was Steve Barme, who many of you will know from his work as Agent Orange on Go Go Omiya Ardija and his personal blog Grotesque Simulation.

We began with Steve's history of following football in Japan and discussed the Omiya - Nagoya game from Saturday (up to 13 minutes), before running through all of the other J1 results (up to around 35 minutes) and then finishing off with a quick wrap-up of J2, a brief update (some good news, some bad) on Japanese players in Europe and a look ahead to the games in the Asian Champions League and Nabisco Cup this midweek. The entire podcast runs to bang on 41 minutes.

You can listen on the player above or download the mp3 by clicking on the J-Talk logo to the left. We hope to have this episode available to iTunes subscribers by Tuesday morning.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you very much for these informative podcast. As a Shimizu fan, every week I wait eagerly to see a new post and listen to it.
    Just one question. I can't get what Steve says about Shimizu in two points, could you please lem me know what these words are?
    He says: ... it's a little tough, if the young players step up on ... they are fine, if they struggle for .... problem (28th minute)
    Really sorry for this kind of question. I really hope that your guess about Shimizu will come true and we'll be among top six teams in J league:)

  2. Hello Amir,
    Thanks for your kind words, they are very much appreciated.
    I think Steve was referring to the imbalance in the Shimizu squad, with several very young players (Omae, Takagi etc.) alongside older ones (Ono, Takahara etc.). If the younger players "step up" ie. play well and establish themselves, then S-Pulse will have a successful season, but if they struggle to develop on the pitch then the older players might not be able to carry them up the table on their own.
    I don't want to speak for Steve, but that's how I interpreted his comments.
    Thanks again and I hope you carry on enjoying the podcasts!

  3. Hello Ben, I would like to thank you for this podcast as I've been listening to it since the pilot episode and it is rather entertaining. I see you started to add a bit of sound effects to the transitions.
    I've only been following the J-League for a couple of years now and I don't really have a team I support although the red sea of Urawa supporters is quite the sight sometimes. As such I like that you keep it so leveled with varied co-hosts each with their own take on the various matters at hand.
    In closing, keep up the good work!

    Cheers from a fellow Portuguese podcaster,