Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The J-Talk Podcast - J1 & J2 Wrap

This week's J-Talk is a special two-part podcast with Barry Valder of S-Pulse UK Ultras and Jon Steele of J2 Kanto Bites.
In Part 1, Barry and I discuss the Young Nadeshiko, Samurai Blue and Shimizu's (and Barry's!) trip to Sapporo before running through all of the games from J1 Matchday 24. Part 1 runs until 35:26.
In Part 2, Jon and I discuss J2 Matchday 32 and the situation in the second tier before finishing with a quick look at the Emperor's Cup, which really gets going with J.League teams entering from the second round this weekend. Part 2 runs to end - 62:40.

This podcast has already been uploaded to iTunes.

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